LED Light bulbs are 3 times brighter than traditional Christmas lights;

LED adopts the latest light source technology and is characterized by high quality, durability and energy saving.

LED can also resist high temperature, moisture, water and leakage.

The most important thing is that LED is very environmentally friendly and does not contain any harmful substances such as ultraviolet rays and infrared rays.

All of our products are backed by a 1-2 year warranty. If there is a problem during use, please contact us directly and we will try our best to solve it.

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G100POWER  has been developed several products with very strong competitive points, and already test in market.

Our products are widely export to Europe, USA and Canada. The market strategy from G100POWER is that we always look for partners who need good products to expend in their local market, we don’t promot to everybody without professional way.

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