Luminus launches 11 high-power IR LEDs.

Recently, Luminus Devices of the United States expanded its high-power IR LED product portfolio, including 11 transmitters, to meet the rapid expansion of automotive, consumer, machine vision, medical and security applications.

Luminus IR SST LEDs are now available in three wavelengths – 810nm, 850nm and 940nm — and six beam angle options ranging from 40° to 130°. High radiant power output and low thermal resistance allow system designers to reduce the number of transmitters and overall package area.

Among them, the newly launched 9 kinds of infrared products are based on double junction technology, the power density is almost doubled, and the efficiency remains almost unchanged. This makes it easier to develop solutions with higher radiation intensity and a more compact design. The IR SST product family features very high radiant power, typical power up to 1600 mW at 850 nm and 1 A drive current, and radiant intensity over 1300 mW/sr.

The small, 40° beam angle replaces the traditional 2 mm to 5 mm through-hole IR LED, and the widest 130° beam angle is available for floodlighting.

IR SST products are available in an industry standard 3535 surface mount package with low thermal resistance for easy direct replacement.