Resolution is improved again, VueReal will showcase Micro LED samples this week.

Canadian innovation company VueReal Inc. announced that its patent-pending self-alignment technology will result in a powerful and productive microdisplay production. VueReal will begin receiving orders for its product samples in June 2019.

At present, the integration of Micro LEDs with high resolution is hindered by many factors, including the alignment accuracy required for the application. VueReal claims that its self-aligned integration process greatly relaxes alignment accuracy requirements without affecting the performance of Micro LEDs. The solution benefits from VueReal’s efficient Micro LED devices and their unique adaptive patterning technology.

VueReal CEO Reza Chaji said, “VueReal is developing several other key components and products that will be introduced in 2019. These products use VueReal’s patented self-aligned and adaptive patterning technology, high-efficiency Micro LEDs, and smart micro devices. Small cylindrical structure and high-throughput micro-printing equipment.”

VueReal CFO Dave Miller said, “VueReal has invested in an advanced nanotechnology center for development and mass production, and we are preparing to provide product samples to interested parties.” “Initially, we will select from a group with significant business opportunities. Samples from manufacturers, I am sure that when they touch these displays, they will be impressed by the quality of these displays!”

It is reported that VueReal will showcase its Micro LED products and technology at Display Week in San Jose, California from May 13th to 17th.