Advancement of LED street lights and smart lighting systems in multiple cities around the world

LED street lights are being adopted by more and more cities due to their lower energy costs and longer service life. Aberdeen in the UK and Kelowna in Canada recently announced projects for LED street light replacement and smart lighting system installation. In addition, the Malaysian government has indicated that it will convert all street lamps in the country into LEDs from September 2019.

It is reported that the Aberdeen City Council in the UK is implementing a seven-year plan costing 9 million pounds (about 77.39 million yuan) to replace traditional street lamps with LED lighting. In addition, the city also installs intelligent street lighting systems, and control units will be added to new and existing LED street lights for remote control and monitoring of lights and improved maintenance efficiency. The City Council is expected to reduce the annual energy cost of street lighting from £2 million (about 17.42 million yuan) to 1.1 million pounds (about 9.58 million yuan) and improve pedestrian safety.

With the recent completion of the LED streetlight renovation, Canada’s Kelowa is expected to save about 16 million Canadian dollars (about 80.26 million yuan) in the next 15 years. The City Council launched the project in 2017 and more than 10,000 HPS street lights were replaced with LEDs. The cost of the project is $3.75 million (about 18.81 million yuan). In addition to energy savings, new LED street lights can also reduce light pollution.

Asian cities have also been pushing the installation of LED street lights. The Malaysian government announced the implementation of LED street lights nationwide. The government said that the replacement project will be launched in September 2019, and the current energy cost will save about 50%.