Notre Dame fire warning: How is the ancient building lighting fireproof?

On the evening of April 15th, the Notre Dame de Paris fire broke out, and the famous spire collapsed in the fire. On the 16th, the French fire department announced that the fire of Notre Dame has been extinguished and is currently in the investigation and loss assessment stage.

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most representative cultural relics and world heritage sites in France. This fire not only plunged France into grief, but also made the people of the world feel sorry, and also sounded the alarm for the protection of ancient buildings.

We will not forget: On September 2, 2018, the National Museum of Brazil was in a fire. The 200-year-old Latin America’s largest museum was caught in a sea of ??fire, and more than 20 million pieces of cultural relics were burned. In China, the country’s key cultural relics protection unit with more than 1,300 years of history – Shangri-La’s “Moonlight City”, two-thirds of the Duke’s sect was burned; investment of nearly 1 billion yuan, construction for 8 years, unfinished Asia’s tallest wooden tower ——The Jiulong Temple in Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province was turned into ashes in a fire;

As an essential electrical equipment for ancient construction, lighting needs to be laid and pulled, which brings potential safety hazards to ancient buildings. How to protect and prevent it becomes a serious problem facing the lighting of ancient buildings.