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Honda Acura will recall more than 360,000 MDX models due to taillights.

According to relevant media reports: Honda’s luxury brand Acura (Acura) is recalling more than 360,000 SUVs worldwide because water can enter the taillights and darken the taillights. The recall is mainly in North America and covers the Acura MDX from 2014 to 2019. According to documents published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 323,000 of them are in the United States. Acura said that due to manufacturing problems, water may enter the lamp assembly through some seals and [...]

US lighting manufacturer RAB announced a price increase of 15%, implemented on May 20.

US lighting manufacturer RAB issued a notice saying that because many goods, including lighting fixtures, controls and lighting components, have implemented additional tariff increases, RAB cannot fully absorb these costs, thus determining the average price increase of products by 15 %, implemented on May 20, 2019. Orders shipped immediately before or on May 20 will be invoiced at the current price. After this date, all orders placed and shipped will be executed at the new price. Previously, American lighting company Acuity [...]

NVC Lighting negotiates to sell most of China’s business.

NVC Lighting announced that it is negotiating with potential investors to sell most of its China operations. The announcement shows that the company is conducting a strategic assessment of its business in China and is negotiating with a limited number of potential investors to sell most of its China operations (which are expected to constitute a very significant sale for the company) and continue to expand overseas. business. NVC Lighting stated that this strategic assessment and consultation is still in its [...]

Cree becomes the sole partner of the Volkswagen Group FAST project SiC.

CREE is the exclusive partner of SiC Silicon Carbide for the Volkswagen Group’s FAST (Future Automotive Supply Tracks) project. FAST’s goal is to advance collaboration, implement technology innovation more quickly than ever, and implement global automotive projects more efficiently and effectively. Mr. Michael Baecker, head of procurement at Volkswagen Group, said: “The Volkswagen Group plans to release nearly 70 new electric models in the next 10 years, compared to the previous 50. It is expected to be based on the [...]

6 questions to give you a comprehensive understanding of VCSEL.

In 2017, the appearance of iPhone X made 3D sensing technology that provides Face ID face unlocking a hot spot, and also brought the core component VCSEL in the 3D sensing module. In fact, VCSEL is not a new technology, its birth dates back to the 1980s, and it was commercialized as early as 1996. This VCSEL technology, which has been turned red again due to apples, is one of the infrared laser technologies. 1.What is a VCSEL? What is the [...]

Resolution is improved again, VueReal will showcase Micro LED samples this week.

Canadian innovation company VueReal Inc. announced that its patent-pending self-alignment technology will result in a powerful and productive microdisplay production. VueReal will begin receiving orders for its product samples in June 2019. At present, the integration of Micro LEDs with high resolution is hindered by many factors, including the alignment accuracy required for the application. VueReal claims that its self-aligned integration process greatly relaxes alignment accuracy requirements without affecting the performance of Micro LEDs. The solution benefits from VueReal’s efficient [...]

Luminus launches 11 high-power IR LEDs.

Recently, Luminus Devices of the United States expanded its high-power IR LED product portfolio, including 11 transmitters, to meet the rapid expansion of automotive, consumer, machine vision, medical and security applications. Luminus IR SST LEDs are now available in three wavelengths – 810nm, 850nm and 940nm — and six beam angle options ranging from 40° to 130°. High radiant power output and low thermal resistance allow system designers to reduce the number of transmitters and overall package area.Among them, the [...]

OSRAM completes acquisition of automotive aftermarket specialist Ring Automotive.

On May 2, 2019, OSRAM announced the completion of the acquisition of British automotive aftermarket specialist Ring Automotive. The acquisition of Ring Automotive will drive OSRAM to expand its range of products in the automotive sector, including more automotive electronics and accessories. After the acquisition is approved by the UK Competitor and Market Authority CMA, the partnership between the two companies will officially begin in May.

Apple will adopt Micro LED screen on iPhone in the future

According to relevant media reports, Apple will use the Micro LED screen on the iPhone in the future to get rid of the dependence on Samsung OLED screen. For Apple’s demand, as an Apple supplier, Hon Hai, an electronics foundry in Taiwan, is also expanding its investment in Micro LED screens to get more orders from Apple in the future.

Samsung SDS teamed up with Telenas to develop a smart streetlight project

South Korea’s Samsung’s digital division SDS and British smart streetlight and Internet of Things (IoT) data acquisition system developer Telessa announced that the two sides are cooperating on smart city projects. This is the first collaboration between Samsung SDS and Telessa. The two companies are collaborating to develop smart streetlights, and the two giants in smart urban lighting will join forces to make this technology more widely available worldwide. The first collaboration will take place in a city project in [...]